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Trade Credit Insurance

Balance; that’s the challenge when negotiating the often complex realm of trade credit insurance, no matter what side of the ‘insurance fence’ clients come from.

For the insured, it’s about minimising the impact of bad debts while maximising working capital. For the insurer, it’s about maximising salvage and recovery options while minimising debtor exposure.

In either situation, PhillipsBaker LLC has good 'balance'. We demonstrate this by discretely and judiciously combining elements of commercial insolvency and insurance law in such dealings, having earned a trusted reputation advising parties from 'both sides’ on:

  • Policy interpretations and indemnity issues
  • Claims assistance
  • Salvage and debt recovery
  • PPSA and title retention
  • Insolvent trading
  • Defending unfair preferences.

It’s this multidisciplinary approach - and the embedded legal skill sets this demands - that our longstanding, satisfied clients receive when dealing with PhillipsBaker LLC.