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Employers Liability

PhillipsBaker LLC has one of the largest specialist workers compensation practices in NSW. We have been providing advice to scheme agents, claims managers, employers, self-managed and self-insured corporations for more than 30 years.

Our Employers Liability group is comprised of three discrete teams, namely; Claims, Work Injury Damages (WID) and 151Z Recoveries. This enables us to allocate the most appropriate resources to the particular type of claim under consideration.

We are the preferred legal provider for many large employers and state government departments. We take pride in managing our clients’ interests to ensure that their expectations and objectives are met wherever possible.

Our team’s extensive blend of legal skills provides a platform by which the best outcomes are achieved in claims management and litigation. Our advice is delivered without legalese. We are accessible and responsive. Our clients know that they can speak to the person handling their matter at any time.

Our flagship publication, Workers Compensation in NSW – A Guide for Insurers and Employers, offers a plain language overview of workers compensation law in NSW.

The eagerly awaited Eighth edition of the Guide is available!

The Guide outlines the rights and obligations of employers and their insurers when dealing with claims by injured workers. It offers an easy to read and comprehensive analysis of the law as it stands today.

Please click here to request your copy of the Guide.

Complementing our insurance work, we also provide an integrated service that covers an extensive range of employment, work health and safety and industrial matters.