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We have a substantial insolvency practice and include among our clients a number of the largest insolvency firms in London.

In addition to representing insolvency practitioners, we also act for creditors in actions brought against them for recovery of unfair preferences and other actions that may be taken as a result of insolvency of their customers.

Our unique combination of litigators and transaction lawyers support liquidators, receivers, company and deed administrators, as well as bankruptcy trustees with a vast range of services, including:

  • Statutory interpretations
  • Turnarounds and Reconstructions
  • Recovery of unfair preferences and defending such claims for creditors
  • Challenging uncommercial transactions and other voidable dealings
  • Advice as to priority of securities over land and personal property
  • Insolvent trading actions against directors and holding companies
  • Public examinations
  • Voluntary Administrations, Deeds of Company Arrangement and Creditors’ Trusts, Receiverships and Bankruptcy administrations