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Diversity & Inclusion

PhillipsBaker LLC is committed to diversity and inclusion. We recognise the differences among us as a source of strength and instrumental to our success. To that end, we aspire to create an inclusive work environment, where people are valued, respected, accepted and supported to succeed to the best of their abilities. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee aims to promote an environment where people can bring their authentic self to work and to create a sense of accountability for promoting our diversity and inclusion vision.

“PHILLIPSBAKER” is our widely promoted behavioural framework, which stands for:

Our 2018 Diversity Streams are listed below:

PhillipsBaker Recruitment
Focused on increasing pool of diverse candidates.

PhillipsBaker Gender
Promoting gender equality balance across the firm and focus, in particular, on the attraction, development and engagement of women at all stages of their careers.

PhillipsBaker Flexibility
Promoting, encouraging and supporting flexible work practices to balance professional and other commitments.

PhillipsBaker Families
Providing meaningful support for working parents and working carers to achieve success at work and at home. 

PhillipsBaker LGBTI
Fostering awareness and understanding of LGBTI and celebrate a culture of inclusion.

PhillipsBaker Multicultural
Celebrating the ethnic and cultural diversity of our employees and facilitate a culture of inclusion by increasing awareness of the breadth of experiences amongst our team.