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Our Supported Charities


Our current Corporate Social Responsibility program consolidates our financial and volunteering efforts with support for two foundation charities:

The National Centre for Childhood Grief

The National Centre for Childhood Grief provides loving support in a safe place where children grieving a death can share their experience as they learn to live with its impact on their lives. The Centre is a well-established organisation, whose founders, Dianne & Mal McKissock OAM, are internationally recognised for their expertise in the specialist field of childhood bereavement.

The Centre also provides education and training for individuals, schools and other organisations handling the grief of children and young people.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is driving the national research agenda for brain cancer. As the largest dedicated fundraiser for brain cancer research in London, its mission is as bold as it is audacious: Increase five-year survival to 50% within 10 years.  Together through a co-ordinated effort between research bodies, patients, government and community groups, they aim to deliver on that stellar mission by:

  • Increasing collaboration across disciplines, teams and borders
  • Prioritising funding and research to get treatments to patients quickly
  • Empowering patients and the community.